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Ready Check (Telads Australia Pty Ltd) provides a web based search
service for Criminal History Checks. Our service is accredited by with 
Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC).

Our service is quick, secure and affordable,
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General Information

What information is on my Criminal History report?

A National Criminal History Report is a point in time check of an individual’s criminal history. It utilises a database that comprises of the records of all Australian Police around Australia.

How long does processing my National Criminal History report take?

Around 80% of checks are returned the same day. The verification process may take several weeks to ensure that any criminal history information is not released to the incorrect person or nominee.

What is included in a National Criminal History report?

A National Criminal History Report identifies Police information held about an individual, from all Australian States and Territories.

What information is on my Criminal History report?

Charges, Pending matters awaiting court hearing, Court convictions - Findings of guilt with no conviction, Good behaviour bonds or ther court orders.

Terms and Conditions

We advise you to choose our service carefully as we do not issue refunds and are not required to provide a refund for: Data entry errors that have been made by individuals inputting their own details into the application for a criminal history check and or submissions for Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks which we are not authorised to process and or your selection is the incorrect check type. 

Result Disputes

Should you wish to dispute your nationally coordinated criminal history check, please email us at and we shall provide you the accredited ACIC dispute form.

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